Thursday, April 6, 2017

SNR Pizza Smores

Marshmallows and chocolates, are undeniably two of the best things in life. The goodness of chocos combined with sweet, soft and cuddly marshmallows will surely take me to my comfort zone.

SNR Pizza Smores gave me just that :) (Pardon my bite because I just have to sink my teeth into it fast before I remembered to take a picture) The soft, chewy, toasted on top marshmallows blended well with the melted chocolates and crunchy grahams.
Paige doesn't really eat pizza but even she cannot resist the charm of the Smores :)

 One reminder though, just make sure you are not eating the big slice as a dessert because the pie underneath the sweetness is still so filling that you cannot eat it just to cleanse your palate.
Thank you to my Hubby Rommel for immediately buying me this luscious piece. SNR Pizza Smores costs Php109 a slice in SNR pizza parlors and Php 99 a slice in SNR Warehouses.

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