Monday, May 22, 2017

#ZyraineatPaige5 Jollibee Be Happy Party

Another reason of my busy month was the celebration of my dear Paige's 5th birthday.

Her long time request was to have a party in Jollibee, and because she have been good and she excelled in school, we obliged.

It was a simple party with just 50 guests composed of closest friends and family. I did not bother to get extra Jollibee loot bags and others but just opted to give away candy bags for the kids.

After All, the dancing Jollibee plus the chicken joy is what Paige is after really :)

A jollibee party never grows old. After years and years in business I can still say that they are number one in the children's party business.

* Everything is arranged for you, venue, food, entertainment even up to giveaways, balloons and cake. You will just come there and parteey!
* Chicken Joy is all Kids favorite therefore you can be sure that all food are not wasted.

* I don't understand why food in Jollibee Parties are way expensive than meals you can avail on regular dining.

Jollibee Party Meal - Php 198 (Chicken, Spaghetti, Regular Drinks, Fries and Chocolate Sundae)
Value Meal -  Php 140++ (Chicken, Spaghetti, Regular Drinks, Fries and Chocolate Sundae)

I just wish they let party organizers to avail the value meals so they will be true to their word of affordable fun parties for kids. After all Mascots and other party amenities are paid through the Party Fee of Php 2,000 when you book.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my dear friend Shally Culvera for taking amazing pictures of my lovely Paige :)

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